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Volunteering Opportunities

The Volunteer Medical Corps is able to help millions around the world through volunteers just like you.
You will be expanding the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by using your unique set of skills, talents and abilities to support the work of the VMC.
To get started, kindly choose one or more of the categories listed below to begin your volunteering journey with us:
Volunteer Support Services

Volunteer Support Services

As a VMC Chapter Executive you become an active representative of the VMC in your community by assisting with volunteer recruitment and community engagement.
Volunteer Support Services

Participate in Medical, Surgical, Hospital & Community Outreaches

At our medical outreaches you can volunteer as an individual or with your local VMC chapter to improve access to medicines and health care services for those in underserved communities or participate in hospital visitations and outreaches where we inspire faith and hope in the sick while providing comfort and support to them by distributing gifts and relief supplies.
Volunteer Support Services

Organize humanitarian projects in your community

Give help to those in need around you or serve in a disaster response team.
Volunteer Support Services

Disaster Response Team

Work with VMC to provide food, medicines and medical aid, relief supplies to communities affected by disasters.
Volunteer Support Services

Become an Instructor/Educator in the VMC Academy

Share your knowledge and expertise with many of our volunteers and give many the opportunity to be mentored by you.
Volunteer Support Services

Language Translator

Use your language skills to translate VMC publications and products.
Volunteer Support Services

Online Support and Advocacy

Help expand the global reach of VMC through online and social media advocacy and publicity.
Volunteer Support Services

VMC in Your School/Campus

Create, plan and participate in humanitarian projects to help your school, your community and join VMC to make global impact.
Volunteer Support Services

Blood Donor Recruiter

Work with us to recruit more blood donors and to organize blood drives.
Volunteer Support Services

Administrative Support

Provide support for our various fundraising campaigns, participate in research and grant proposal writing activities, offer monitoring and evaluation services etc.

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