Movement is part of our bodies’ everyday function. Your circulation, digestion, metabolism, and immunity are all affected by movement. 

Your body regulates hormone activities through movement. 

Here are some benefits of movement:

* It helps increase the functionality of your joints.

*Your muscles are strengthened when you move; this improves stability, balance, and coordination.

* Movement helps build more durable and denser bones.

*Movement does wonders to your brain. Research has shown that 30-40 minutes’ walk a day and three times a week helps re-grow the structures of the brain linked to cognitive decline in the older adult.

*Movement helps our heart muscles become more efficient and better able to pump blood throughout the body.

* Movement helps improve your lung capacity. It increases the blood flow to your lungs, allowing the lungs to deliver more oxygen into the blood.

So, don’t let ‘’just sitting’’ become a part of your daily life. Walk more often, take the stairs instead of always using the lift, take standing rest from your desk, have a walking meeting, ensure to move every hour. Avoid inactivity and just move!

Some benefits of movement