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  • Jun 17, 2019

South Sudan is a landlocked East-Central African country which has suffered from recurrent violence and outbreaks of armed conflicts. In this highly volatile nation, 85% of the displaced persons are women and children, most of whom are at risk for malnutrition, the spread of infectious diseases and insufficient access to medical care.

The Volunteer Medical Corps and the Trauma Care International Foundation of the Loveworld Medical Missions and Services of the Healing School Ministry Department were privileged to serve as the Health teams of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International during the Mission South Sudan trip led by the Esteemed Pastor Omoh Alabi in the month of May 2019.

Members of the VMC South Sudan Chapter were mobilized to serve as medical volunteers for the Mission South Sudan which was designed to provide an extensive range of humanitarian services to over 17,000 persons representing thousands of families resident in the Mangaten Camp in Juba South Sudan. 

Victims of an internal conflict within the country, these people mainly of the Nuer tribe were grossly uneducated, denied access to clean water, sanitary facilities, primary health care access and food. 

Hence along with the Volunteer Medical Corps Uganda team led by Dr. Juliet Babirye, medications for malaria, water borne diseases, skin conditions and other prevalent medical conditions and rapid diagnostic testing kits were purchased, 600 mosquito nets were procured and during the 2 day outreach, the children were dewormed, the pregnant women and mothers received the mosquito nets as well as medical screening, antenatal services, iron and vitamin supplementation and case identification for infectious and chronic diseases.

Laboratory investigations were carried out to help improve their health status. The elderly also received special care for chronic ailments such as arthritis and hypertension.

The VMC also served in the COFI delegation that visited the Vice President Prof James Wani Igga and created a platform for sustained engagement with the Government on its development plans for South Sudan.

The Trauma Care International Foundation also facilitated a one day Basic Emergency Training program for the traffic police in Juba to help improve their knowledge of first aid and Basic Emergency Response.

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