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VMC Bauchi Chapter takes medical care to Sabon Kaura Community

Sabon Kaura is a remote community located in Bauchi State, the North-Eastern part of Nigeria. This primarily-Muslim community which is adherent to the Sharia law is home to over 100 families.

On the 2nd of March, 2019; the VMC Bauchi Chapter comprised of various health care professionals and volunteers including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, students, social workers and Christian group coordinators carried out an intervention in the Sabon Kaura community were they provided medical services to over 200 beneficiaries, amongst whom were 38 children.The community welcomed the medical support provided by the VMC team as many of them participated in the numerous screening tests, and had necessary medication dispensed to them for chronic health conditions like hypertension and peptic ulcer disease for which drugs were not readily available due to the cost and the remoteness of their location.

Many of those present received treatment for infectious diseases which were commonplace. They also participated in the health education segment where they were taught on simple methods of disease prevention, propagating early detection and treatment of malaria  and also good water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices to help prevent diseases and deaths..The gospel of Jesus Christ was also communicated to them by members of the VMC and Christian literature were made available to those were willing to receive them.

Many of the beneficiaries expressed their joy at the auspicious event and thanked the VMC team profusely.

Our VMC Volunteers are vital in ensuring our mandate of providing health based relief to those in communities in dire need is achieved. They sacrifice their time, effort and resources to help improve the quality of life of many of the program beneficiaries.

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