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VMC Pune Extends Hope to Siddarth Nagar Slum in India

Siddharth Nagar is a hillock slum located in Worli, Mumbai, with lots of shanties, huts and makeshift rooms; populated by many men, women and children.

Poor sanitation, lack of clean water supply, lack of proper toilets and access to health care services are some of the many problems affecting the people living in this slum, especially the women and children.

Worm infestations and diarrheal diseases have been on the rise among the children in this slum because of poor access to clean water, open defecation, poor sanitation and little or no health education.

In a bid to improve the health status of many in this community, members of the Volunteer Medical Corps Pune chapter organized a community medical outreach through which they catered to 124 people by providing free medical screening and medications. Doses of anthelminthic (deworming) medicines were dispensed to 23 children, while over 600 doses of iron supplements were provided to the women.

Those who were physically sick were ministered to and 8 people gave their lives to Christ.

For these volunteers, they declared that it was indeed a priceless opportunity to put smiles on the faces of those in need.

To sponsor the supply of multivitamins, iron supplements, oral rehydration salts and deworming medicines, to help this community and many others in our VMC member nations, please.