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VMC Impact Koaduma Community, Abuja

VMC Impact Koaduma Community, Abuja

  • Jun 21, 2022

Natives of Kpaduma Community Abuja have since longed for a medical intervention to come to their community as they lack quality access to health care services and facilities. VMC Abuja Chapter responded to the call, as our team of medics and non-medics journeyed to Kpaduma community armed with the gospel of Christ, medical supplies and Christian literatures.

A health awareness seminar was organized educating the women and children on ppersonal hygiene and sanitation. Free consultations, deworming exercise, administering of drugs to 186 people in the community, including men, women, and children was carried out, and 7 people gave their hearts to Christ. Praise God!!!

VMC Impact Koaduma Community, Abuja
VMC Impact Koaduma Community
VMC Impact Koaduma Community, Abuja

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