Lanre Olaboye is a Nigerian-born physiotherapist living in the Durban city of Southern Africa. He is also a member of the VMC Durban chapter. He has been involved with numerous medical outreaches and humanitarian projects that have been carried out by our Volunteer Medical Corps chapter in the city of Durban. He is so committed and passionate about helping people. Here is what he shared about his motivation.

My motivation was clear, I have always been a person that likes helping people in terms of humanitarian services. That is why I am in the health profession. For me, it is not only a profession but also about impacting humanity, reaching people with your skills. Dealing with people’s health is beyond the work, so to speak, it is about helping human lives, reviving, restoring them.

The Durban flood in 2019 displaced a lot of families. It was so sad to see a lot of men, women, and children displaced and confined to a space. It was not a nice setting at all. But we were able to make a difference when we got there; we gave them meals, medical care, relief materials, etc.
The response we got was what touched me the most, they were so full of joy and happiness for the little we did in just a day, which made me think of how much more we could do and should do.
The Government cannot do so much. We can also help people in need by reaching out to them, enlightening them, and encouraging them.

Helping people through VMC has contributed immensely to me. It has helped me fulfill my purpose as a health practitioner. 

You also make a difference. There are various opportunities to lend a helping hand. Join us and help people with your skills or whatever you do; and if you think you don’t know how to be of help, we can show you.

Our volunteers are always motivated