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From despair to joy: VMC volunteers deliver smiles in Accra through community outreaches

From despair to joy: VMC volunteers deliver smiles in Accra through community outreaches

  • Sep 19, 2023

Having identified the communities in focus, and carried out a needs assessment, the team swung into action, setting up processes to ensure they were able to deliver a wide array of essential medical services to all the selected beneficiaries.


Health education and promotion activities centered around good nutrition, disease prevention, oral health, and improved personal hygiene were included in the program, and in addition to this; many gained direct access to qualified healthcare specialists including pediatricians for the children who provided all of them with information, counseling and treatment for their ailments.


Routine physical examination, screening tests of various kinds, and the right medications where required were also provided to those who presented. In order to promote healthy lifestyles, the team also handed out hygiene and personal care kits. Ministry materials including the Healing to the Nations magazine were also distributed to all those who were at the outreach.


The success of this outreach was evidenced by the smiles, expressions of relief, and gratitude shown by the beneficiaries thus demonstrating the profound influence caring healthcare workers and volunteers can have on a community when they unite together for a common purpose.


Each of us has the ability to influence the world for the better; one act of kindness at a time, whether it be by volunteering, giving, or just lending a helping hand to our neighbors.

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In a heart-warming display of love, compassion, and godly care, our team of carefully selected, highly skilled VMC volunteers from the Accra Ghana chapter brought smiles to over 200 people who came out in their numbers to benefit from their mobile medical clinic services.


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