Members of VMC Uganda Reached Out to Families Affected by Disasters

#VMCstories There are many health ills that befall displaced populations; chief among them are disease conditions like dysentery, cholera and other water-related infections. Many affected persons are at a heightened risk for these infections because of prevalent unhygienic practices and poor nutrition. These were the conditions affecting over 170,000 people in the Kasese District of Western Uganda. As a result of recent floods and landslides that had claimed some lives and left over 24,000 families homeless and impoverished, the members of the Volunteer Medical Corps Uganda Chapter recognised the negative public health implications of this disaster and they reached out to the affected families, offering them access to medical attention, personal care supplies to prevent infections and relief items to help prevent malnutrition, especially among the children; all these were done as part of the #VMCGoodDeedsCampaign Their efforts were received with joy by the many families which benefitted from the campaign.

#VMCstories #VMCgooddeeds