Self-medication is the practice of an individual using available medications or substances to 
treat self-diagnosed symptoms and conditions without the help of a health care professional. In 
general, people do self-medication because it is instant, and of course, there is no expense of 
the doctor. But this is a habit that can damage one's health, causing many side effects and even 
One of the major issues with self-medication is the dosage. We do not have a clue as to how 
the drugs should be taken, side effects, reactions, and we often underestimate their strength. 
Some of the effects of self-medication include: 
· Incorrect self-diagnosis. 
· Delays in seeking appropriate medical advice and proper treatment. 
· Potential adverse reactions. 
· Worsening of the condition the individual is trying to self-treat. 
· Dangerous drug interaction. 
· Masking of severe diseases. 
· Risk of dependence and abuse 
Ensure you get a proper diagnosis from a health care professional. Stop self-medication!

Say no to self medication